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The Best of Philadelphia Dining Scene

Overal Rating: 8

Barclay Prime

237 South 18th Street Philadelphia PA 19103

Located inside the posh Barclay residence on Rittenhouse Square, Barclay Prime is Philadelphia restaurateur Stephen Starr’s steakhouse concept. The upscale steakhouse is both classic and contemporary; while the walls are lined with old-fashioned bookshelves, the chairs are utterly modern, designed in bright green and white leather. The same goes for the menu, which offers traditional signature steaks like dry aged rib eye and New York strip, alongside more creative, fun items like kobe beef sliders and tater tots. With the swanky décor, decadent menu, and first-class service, Barclay Prime is the perfect spot for a special evening.

Barclay Prime

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Fresh Crumbs

Philadelphia Restaurant Reviews

While it's a monster spot for cheese steaks, and maybe cream cheese, Philadelphia food holds its own in the ring, just as Rocky did. Some might say its neighboring city to the northeast might be the hot spot when it comes to all-encompassing cuisine, but the City of Brotherly Love wraps its arms around its own epicurean family. Of course, there's a solid amount of cuisines other than just Philly fare. The traditional Italian joints in the city are expected, but does Indian ring a bell? Fresh seafood and oysters? Chinese? Sushi? Mexican? Spanish? French? Philly is a melting pot of different ethnic backgrounds so you're going to find all of what you'd like on a plate and more. So read up on our writers' restaurant reviews while they get “Wit” it on the newest and best restaurants, “Wit-out” the fluff.

Restaurant Reviews

Customer Reviews

Restaurant: Tre Scalini
Date: October.12.2013
User Name: Phillip
Review Title: Highly Recommend

Delicious and perfectly timed delicious food and pleasant service even when very busy on a Saturday night. Make sure you make reservations. BYOB

Customer Reviews

Restaurant: R2L
Date: October.06.2013
User Name: sam
Review Title: R2L great view, small portions

My family and I went the R2L last evening and we were very disappointed. We were quickly seated when we arrived but we waited over thirty minutes before we had to beckon a server that was waiting a table nearby. He gave us menus and water and we then waited some more finally we were assigned a waiter. The service was very slow. There is a tremendous amount of staff but they were just not assigned to our table. We watched as people were seated, ate their meal and ordered dessert. The food I must say was good, when it finally did arrive.

My daughter's salmon entree was completely forgotten about and never served. We then asked to speak with the manager. The manager was very polite and gracious, however the consolation was to come back again and sit near the window, my daughter's salmon entree that was completely forgotten about comp'd and gratis desserts....

Our experience was far less than perfect. The manager informed us that we hadn't been assigned a wait staff and i suppose we would've been still sitting there had we not beckoned for assistance after we sat there for quite a long time. And, subsequent courses were slow as well. The portions were quite small for the cost. At R2L you are paying for the view. So if you do in fact go there enjoy the view, the food is good but quite small and the service is hit or miss.

Also, they have a large glassed area where you can see the cooks preparing the food and a woman cook was eating off of the guests plates. Well i suppose that may occur at other restaurants but we are simply unable to see them. You would think since you know that your actions are public one would think that she could have refrained from eating with her licked fingers from guests food orders. For the cost there are far more amazing restaurants in the Philadelphia area. Go have an appetizer, enjoy the view, a drink or two and go to another restaurant with generous portions.

Customer Reviews

Restaurant: Route 6
Date: August.22.2013
User Name: Jeff
Review Title: Route 6 - A Hit!

Very enjoyable Friday night dining experience at Route 6 last week. The menu had numerous choices. CLam chowder was fantastic. Went for the fried lobster too. We've never had lobster prepared that way - enjoyable alternative. Wood grilled swordfish was outstanding! Service was super - attentive and pleasant wait staff.

Customer Reviews