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12 Chairs

12 Chairs

Also known as: 12 Chairs

Year: 2016

Genres: Adventure,Comedy

Countries: Lithuania

Rating: 4.5

Cast: Mantas Stonkus; Julius Zalakevicius; Dalius Skamarakas; Natalija Janichkina; Vaida Lisikaite; Sonata Visockaite; Agustinas Gricius; Tomas Sinickis; Andrius Uzkalnis; Saulius Bagaliunas; Valerijus Jevsejevas; Gabriele Malinauskaite; Mantas Vaitiekunas; Mindaugas Ancevicius; Ana Andrijauskaite

Storyline: A former KGB officer Kysa finds out that his mother-in-law, who used to be a Soviet official, hid party treasures in one of her 12 chairs. Kysa meets an impudent opportunist Benderis and when pressured blabs out a secret. Two truly different personalities unite their powers to find the jewels, which leads to adventurous events all over the place.

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