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Also known as: Delfinen

Year: 2017

Genres: Drama

Countries: Denmark

Rating: 9.2

Cast: Pernille Andersen; Viktor Andersen; Thure Lindhardt; Laurits Munch-Petersen; Iben Dorner; Thomas Ernst; Tivi Magnusson; Camilla S√łeberg; Tom Hale; Oliver Ussing; Anna Backe; Line Hesdam

Storyline: The “Dolphin” begins with Anna leaving her husband in the car to go back to pick up their 7-years old son Robert. The son is very surprised to see her, and Anna takes him on a fantastic journey to the beach to finish the swimming course, the DOLPHIN. They relive a lot of beautiful memories they have gathered from their former trips together. But something is wrong, and only when Anna and Robert swim together in the ocean, Anna has to face reality.

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