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Flat 211

Flat 211

Year: 2017

Genres: Crime,Mystery,Thriller

Countries: United Arab Emirates,India

Rating: 8.3

Cast: Jayesh Raj; Sonal Singh; Samonica Shrivastava; Digvijay Singh; Danish Kohli; Gautam Vig; Arif Bhaldar; Rahul Kumar; Pooja Gajria; Shailesh Upadhyay; Moumita Moitra; Piya Bhatnagar; Ravi Kaiwart; Jai Soni; Honey Bhalla

Storyline: A very unfortunate incident happens inside a Flat numbered 211. Persons connected to this flat get involved in the incident which leads to a mess. As the plot progresses the suspense, regarding the person responsible for the incident, grows. The dramatic turn of events further deepens the mystery shrouding the incident.

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