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Hajwala: The Missing Engine

Hajwala: The Missing Engine

Also known as: Hajwala: The Missing Engine

Year: 2016

Genres: Action,Adventure,Crime,Drama,Sport,Thriller

Countries: United Arab Emirates

Rating: 4.0

Cast: Anwar Aljabri; Haleem Aljabri; Omar Aljabri; Ali Almarzouqi; Yasser Al Jarraf

Storyline: Khalid enjoys the adrenaline of street car racing and his team 'Crash' support him by providing modified sports cars for racing and car shows. After a string of defeats with Kailan, team leader of 'Hajwala', Khalid decides to make his own car with a never before used engine, under his wing. Trouble is, to get the engine, team 'Crash' are forced to risk illegal activities which bring attention to local authorities. Will Khalid win the final race or not? What are the consequences of Khalid's actions on him and his lovely family because of his deadly obsessions?

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