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Year: 2016

Genres: Drama

Countries: France,Saudi Arabia,USA,United Arab Emirates

Rating: 6.3

Cast: Oulaya Amamra; Lou Lévy; Ahmed Hafiene; Louka Masset; Soumaye Bocoum; Fadila Belkebla; Natalie Beder; Ahmed Afiene; Eric Herson-Macarel

Storyline: It's 2004 and France has passed a law banning religious symbols in public schools. Mariam, French-born with Arab parents, recently wore the hijab after performing the hajj with her grandmother. At the start of the academic year she doesn't want to acknowledge the law and be forced to make a decision. To complicate matters, a popular young Arab boy in school, Karim, starts paying attention to her because of her hijab…

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