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Also known as: Miracle

Year: 2017

Genres: Comedy,Drama

Countries: Lithuania,Bulgaria,Poland,UK

Rating: 7.5

Cast: Egle Mikulionyte; Vyto Ruginis; Andrius Bialobzeskis; Daniel Olbrychski; Valerijus Jevsejevas; Valentinas Krulikovskis; Jelena Kirejeva; Vera Stasenia; Sonata Visockaite; Gabija Jaraminaite; Joana Cizauskaite; Kamile Petruskeviciute; Marijus Bernotas; Laimutis Sedzius; Anzela Bizunovic

Storyline: It is 1992 and Lithuania has shifted from communism to capitalism, leaving the small collective pig farm managed by Irena, in dire straits. Irena struggles to keep the farm and her workers afloat when a handsome American, Bernardas, arrives pledging to save the struggling enterprise and turns Irena's family life and routine of the village upside-down. As Irena begins to fall for his charms, she realizes that his intentions may not be entirely innocent.

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