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Countries: Sweden,Germany

Rating: 5.6

Cast: Angela Kovacs; Jenny Antoni; Lars Bjarke; Lars Brandeby; Eric Ericson; Claus Gerving; Fredrik Hammar; Anders Heinrichsen; Bjarne Henriksen; Junix Inocian; Martin Kjellgren; Emil Klingvall; Mikaela Knapp; Anki Lidén; Evalena Ljung-Kjellberg

Storyline: On a beach in Gothenburg, a woman find parts of a dismembered man’s body. The only clue is a torso, tattoo. Irene Huss find a similar previous cases that will take her to Copenhagen, where she is forced to look for a friend’s daughter who disappeared. The corpse will be the prelude to more nasty murders that lead Irene in Copenhagen underworld.

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