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Richard III

Richard III

Year: 1911

Genres: Short,Biography,Drama,History

Countries: UK

Votes: 90

Rating: 6.4

Cast: Benson Frank R.; Berry James; Brydone Alfred; Caine Harry; Caithness Wilfrid; Carrington Murray; Connick R.I.; Dighton Cecil; Howell John; James H.; Johnston Moffat; Maclean James; Manship George; Maxon Eric; McClure Victor; Nicholson H.O.; Rupert L.; Victor J.; Wild A.; Wild Alfred; Aickin Elinor; Benson Constance; Farebrother Violet; Kenyan Hetty; Rathbone Marion; Yorke Kathleen; Shakespeare William


Storyline: Although several others are ahead of him in the line of succession, Richard of Gloucester is determined to gain the throne. Through deceit, manipulation, and murder, he does become King Richard III of England. But once he becomes king, he soon finds out that the many enemies he has made will make it very difficult for him to remain on the throne for long.

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