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Sehnsucht nach Andalusien

Sehnsucht nach Andalusien

Also known as: Andalousie; Sehnsucht nach Andalusien; Andalusië; Andaluzia; Andalusian laulu; Andalousia; Andalusia; Andalusië; Dansa, senorita!; Sehnsucht nach Andalusien

Year: 1951

Genres: Musical

Countries: France,Spain

Rating: 5.9

Cast: Luis Mariano; Carmen Sevilla; Arlette Poirier; Perrette Souplex; Liliane Bert; Andrée Moreau; José Nieto; Enrique Guitart; Fernando Sancho; Léon Berton; Janine Zorelli; Jean Berton; Alexandre Rignault; Robert Arnoux; Noël Roquevert

Storyline: Having fallen out with his girlfriend Dolorès, Juanito leaves for Mexico, where he becomes a famous matador.There he meets a Viennese singer, Fanny Miller, who falls for him so much so that she intercepts the letters Dolorès keeps on sending him. In desperation, Dolorès devotes all her time and efforts to dance and she becomes the celebrated dancer Estrellita. After a series of misunderstandings and ups and downs, the sun of Andalusia will finally reunite the two lovebirds.

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