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The Man Who Understood Women

The Man Who Understood Women

Also known as: The Man Who Understood Women; Über den Gassen von Nizza; Quando a Esposa Peca; Sin tiempo para vivir; Mies, joka ymmärsi naisia; L’homme qui comprend les femmes; Einai spoudaio na xereis tis gynaikes; L’uomo che capiva le donne; Mezczyzna, który rozumial kobiety; O Homem que Compreendia as Mulheres; Über den Gassen von Nizza

Year: 1959

Genres: Comedy

Countries: USA

Rating: 4.8

Cast: Leslie Caron; Henry Fonda; Cesare Danova; Myron McCormick; Marcel Dalio; Conrad Nagel; Edwin Jerome; Bern Hoffman; Harry Ellerbe; Frank Cady; Ben Astar

Storyline: Willie Bauche, a Hollywood producer, becomes so obsessed with turning his wife, Ann Garantier, into the sexiest star in Hollywood that he neglects her real needs. Feeling lonely and tired of Tinseltown, Ann returns to her native France and finds herself attracted to Marco Ranieri, a handsome and very attentive pilot. When Willie hears about the budding affair, he flies into a rage and hires assassins to kill his rival. Unfortunately for him, the killers are romantics and decide that Ann and Marco are so in love that both must die so they can be together always. When Willie finds out, he rushes over to France to try and save his wife.

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