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Year: 2015

Genres: Drama

Countries: Mongolia

Rating: 7.5

Cast: Tserendolgor Munkhbat; Gerelsukh Otgon; Jargalsaikhan Bel-Ochir; Zolboot Gombo; Gantulga Lkhagvadorj; Uugantsetseg Enkhtaivan; Batkhuyag Tsevegsuren; Byambatsogt Dashnyam; Damdin Sovd; Nomin-Erdene Enkhbaatar

Storyline: A beautiful young innocent girl Alimaa (Tserendolgor Munkhbat) coming home after graduating a ballet school in USSR only to meet obstacles in her life caused by political repression and other’s ambition to gain promotion. Chultem (Gerelsukh Otgon), a flatterer so common in such a society, schemes with Onolt in falsely accusing their minister Mr. Dugar (Zolboot Gombo) and sends him to prison. In desperation to bring her father out of prison, Alimaa ends up forcefully becoming Onolt’s (Jargalsaikhan Bel-Ochir) playgirl.

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